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Reign of Grace

July 8th, 2015

By Jasmine Kea 

I wonder what was going through your mind as your best friends fled, and the grim reaping masses approached.

Were you surprised at all?

Did you know they were coming… like that?

…. Did you know they were leaving, like that.

And…Were you cold? See I read about how JUST before this, you had been prayed with such urgency, agony, that you were sweating blood.

But I just wonder you could feel the chill emanating from Judas’ heart as he knocked on death’s dark door. with a coded greeting and a treasonous kiss. … and then pushed you in.

And WHY? Why didn’t you say anything?

With Just a fraction of a nod… a cough, an almost sneeze,
That man, Pilot. Would’ve set you free.

He was begging for a reason to let you go,
The crowds, they were digging for a reason, to keep you there…
And you, you just stood there and stared…

Did you know that you’d be dying to stay?

And so you accepted a sentence, owned a blame that you could never earn
and cross ridden, walked a red carpet of unfair fame and say with every turn….

If you could do it again, you’d still let them spit at you…
and you ‘d still let them point and cackle
Because for every set of irate eyes You saw another wrist break free from a shackle.

You walked those footsteps to my freedom.
You lost your balance under the weight of my shame.
You exchanged thieving hands for your forgiveness
my inferiority for your perfect name
Guilty or not… there they came

you climbed on to a cross that wasn’t made for you
in your hands took the holes that I deserved
And between to thieves you humbly claimed your place in moral line
While justice was so unjustly served.

And then you took your last breathe
And death prepared to give its sting
But not even death itself could well-prepare
to meet the gaze a love struck king
see when you took your last breath, even creation begged for your return
The ground threw a fit, and the day grew dark because the sun in the sky refused to burn

And even the gaurds who nailed you down, knew that you were comin’ up outta that ground!

And as Judas, drowning in a sea of treacherous guilt, went and made His noose
Your blood was crying out to him HEAVEN IS ABOUT TO BREAK LOOSE!

HANG ON! I’m coming back for you!
I came to make your burdens gone, and transform you until you’re new

Just… hang on

I know you must feel guilty, son.
I know you feel at fault.
But… I didn’t come to save the righteous.
Rather those who don’t do what they ought

See, I didn’t need to prove my rightness,
When I can move with lightness
The weight of the world from off your shoulders

So… let me.

Because when they stripped me of my clothes,
That’s when I painted you red with freedom…

And when I refused that wine,
…it was all to quench your thirst….

And when they put me in that tomb and mary and Martha were serenading,
I was marinating… in VICTORY.

Oh,This is History! One mark that can never be erased
No matter how severely beaten, no matter how brutally debased
No height or depth can ever again keep you from my face.

My son, my daughter, my love…
Welcome to the reign of grace.

Where the lost get found, and bound get free
Not even a cross can keep me from redeeming thieves

Where the hurt find healing
And the tired find rest
And those who feel lowly, finally realize, I only make the best

Where truth sits in the room with you and tells you about Himself.
When freedom is no longer a part of a theory, but rather a story.
Where Joy is the family name.
Where redemption is something that you taste.

My son, my daughter, my love… welcome to the reign of grace.

© Sower of Seeds International Ministries 2015 –  All rights reserved.  All written material and photographs belong exclusively to Sower of Seeds International Ministries unless where otherwise noted. To request permission to re-post or use any material found on this website please contact us.

Hiring: Part-time Graphic Designer

June 23rd, 2015

Position: Graphic Designer (part-time)


• Work with creative department to develop concepts, designs, and produce pieces for printed and online publication, collateral, and digital projects
• Manage mulitple projects, balancing budget and time constraints
• Create dynamic and relevant pieces that clearly communicate our cause
• Contribute to organizational impact by effectively telling SOS’ story
• Work with staff members to source content and implement selected pieces


• Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite
• Extensive knowledge of typography
• Highly conceptual
• Must have a strong portfolio of professional work; detailed college projects will suffice
• Formal training and/or Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or similar field will greatly enhance your application
• Some writing/editing skills will enhance your application


• Must demonstrate a genuine appreciation of and commitment to SOS’ mission and vision: responding to cries for help
• Must work well with a small, growing team of go-getters
• Must be highly adaptable and resourceful
• Must be highly motivated
• Strong references from previous employers, educational institutions, and other relevant organizations and individuals
• Deep understanding of and appreciation for technology and design, as well as the ability to apply them in the fundraising/philanthropy context
• Must possess a strong commitment to involvement in local community


Submit cover letter, resume, design portfolio, references, and other relevant information to

Report: economic growth failing to help world’s poorest kids – Yahoo News

June 23rd, 2015

NEW DELHI (AP) — Global resolve to rescue impoverished children from lives of squalor, disease and hunger has fallen short, with economic development in many countries still leaving millions of the most vulnerable behind, according to a UNICEF report released Tuesday.

“…poverty is likely to endure for millions of people, ultimately limiting the full potential of economic growth, Lake said. “We need to address the needs of the most disadvantaged children before they become tomorrow’s parents and the cycle turns again.”

“In India, the problem is particularly bad despite more than a decade of robust economic expansion, with 50 percent of the country’s 1.2 billion people younger than 24, and 60 percent living in poverty on less than $2 a day.

Children living in grinding poverty can be seen almost everywhere…”

Source: Report: economic growth failing to help world’s poorest kids – Yahoo News


June 12th, 2015


We love dads! They play such an important role in our lives and in society, providing safety and vision for those under their care. Being a dad is serious business, but also serious fun. We turned to some of our favorite dads to see what those fun moments look like in everyday dad life.

Meet the committee: 
Dwayne Weehunt – President and Founder, S.O.S. Dwayne and his wife Leslie have four children (Christie – 28, Carrie – 26, Hannah – 24 and Noah – 15) and two grandchildren (Hudson – 2, Gracelynn – 8 months).
Mark Mueller – CFO, S.O.S. Mark and his wife Pam have four children (John – 26, Katrina – 24, Janae – 22 and Anna – 16) and will be expecting their first grandchild in July.
Tobey Van Wormer – Ministry Representative, S.O.S. Tobey and his wife Marsia have three children (Elise – 14, Aidan – 12 and Colin – 10).
Johan Etsebeth – Director of Communications, S.O.S. Johan and his wife Hannah have one son (Bram – 2) and are expecting their second son in October.


1.) Have you ever had a “I can’t believe that just happened, I am such a dad!” moment.

Dwayne – When Leslie and I were a lot younger I worked a job that required me to start at 6 AM. Most days I left without seeing her or any of the kids. Lots of days I’d come home after dark and after dinnertime. This job called for me to wear a button-down white shirt and tie. One evening, I came in late and Leslie had saved my dinner on a plate. Before eating, I had to quickly spend time with my youngest child in diapers, as she was due to get a bottle and go to sleep for the night. Leslie heated my leftovers and put them on the table. She came to take the baby and noticed that the cheap brand of diapers we could afford had leaked yellow poo all over the front of my shirt. Quickly removing the soiled shirt, I replaced it with a t-shirt and sat down to eat my long overdue meal. My eldest daughter came and sat on my lap while I ate. She laid her head on my chest so sweetly. Suddenly she moans, “Dad I don’t feel so good” and starts violently throwing up on me, and worse, she leans over and fills my plate of uneaten food with it! Not that I had much of an appetite anyway, but that was all we had to eat. Later, Leslie and I had a good laugh about the whole sorry scene.
Mark – I once had to take my son John to the emergency room after he made a home catapult and launched a rock into his nose. It broke his nose and required surgery later on.
Tobey – I spent all morning washing the inside and outside of Marsia’s van. We were on our way to go surprise her at work with my labor of love when my middle son says his tummy doesn’t feel good. Within seconds his lunch ended up all over the seat in front of him and all over the pristine carpet.
Johan – I was getting ready to leave the house, I grabbed all the baby gear, and buckled our 2-year old securely into his baby seat and got in the car, ready to leave. I opened the garage door and as I reached for the keys, I realized that I must have dropped them before I got in the car. I got out again and sure enough I found it on the floor next to the car… Getting in for the second time, ready to leave, I got the fright of my life… Someone was sitting next to me in the passenger seat eating cheerios and casually sipping water from his sippy cup, ready to go on a road trip with dad. Needless to say, although I look forward to the day when we can legally sit next to each other in the car, I now make time to tug on the straps and double check the buckles of that baby seat before we go anywhere together.

2.) How do you kids describe your fashion sense?

Dwayne – “What fashion sense?!”
Mark – “Tragically hip”
Tobey – “Chilled out weekends, old school athlete, needs help for events from mom”
Johan – “Dependent on the fashion sense of mom”

3.) Have you ever done anything that would embarrass your younger self?

Dwayne – I’ve had my finger nails painted, played with dolls and attended lots of “tea parties”.
Mark – Too many times to count. There has been gold hair, belly dancing, etc…
Tobey – I recently wore a pink tie to a daddy daughter dance.
Johan – I think my younger self would just be proud that I actually pulled it all together somehow.

4.) What song best describes a day as a dad?
Mark – “The cat’s in the cradle” by Harry Chapin
Tobey – “You’ve got a friend in me”
Johan – “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” by Ennio Morricone

5.) What’s the best dad joke you’ve ever told? 

Dwayne – What kind of music should you listen to while fishing? Something catchy! :)
Johan – A farmer once had the brilliant idea of training his horse to go without food. He was about to succeed but the horse died…

6.) If you could go back and warn yourself of something what would it be?

Dwayne – Give up food to buy better diapers. Laugh more. Make more money, you’ll need it!
Mark – When you overreact, everyone remembers. They may not remember what caused it but they remember your overreaction.
Tobey – Set aside the rest of your life for this commitment, it never ends and that is a good thing
Johan – Be ready. Babies can be rolling around one day, and when you least expect it, they will make a mad dash for the stairs to test your superhero skills.

© Sower of Seeds International Ministries 2015 –  All rights reserved.  All written material and photographs belong exclusively to Sower of Seeds International Ministries unless where otherwise noted. To request permission to re-post or use any material found on this website please contact us.

India is home to 194 million hungry people: UN – The Hindu

June 1st, 2015

India is home to 194.6 million undernourished people, the highest in the world, according to the annual report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations released on Thursday.

Source: India is home to 194 million hungry people: UN – The Hindu

Heat wave in India kills more than 1,100; temperatures near 122 degrees

May 28th, 2015

Intense heat has killed more than 1,100 people in India within days, causing roads to melt in New Delhi as temperatures neared 122 degrees.CNN reports the southeastern state of Andhra Pradesh has seen 852 deaths in the heat wave. In the neighboring state of Telangana, another 266 people have died from the extreme temperatures.

Source: Heat wave in India kills more than 1,100; temperatures near 122 degrees |

The Mothers and Daughters of Kamathipura

May 13th, 2015

Kamathipura – Mumbai’s oldest and Asia’s largest red-light district

Here thousands of women and girls are hidden from view behind the small barred windows on the top stories of dilapidated buildings.

Those who have been “broken”* can be seen standing on the road, expressionless and masked by heavy make up. They’re under the careful watch of pimps and brothel managers, who have painstakingly groomed them to endure unspeakable acts night after night under threat of torture and death.

India is home to 13 million of the 36 million people around the world living in slavery today. As traffickers continue to scour the streets of India’s slums and villages for girls to kidnap, and woman inside the brothel system continue to have children, these numbers are steadily increasing.

One of the saddest realities of sex trafficking is that 95% of girls born to women inside the red light district will be exploited and forced into the same type of abuse that holds their mothers captive.

Unless there is a way for mothers in brothels to protect their children, their daughters are guaranteed to be absorbed into the family “business.”

Studies done in Mumbai have found that for every month a trafficked woman or girl spends in an Indian brothel, the risk of contracting HIV increases by 3-4%. After just two years insides the brother system, a life with HIV is almost a certainty for these mothers and daughters.

One of the ways SOS is responding to the cries of these mothers is by providing a home for their children to grow-up in safety.

“I am grateful that I am not in the red light district, that I don’t have to go through what my mom went through. I am grateful that I have been saved and that I know Jesus Christ.” – Born in the red light district, rescued at age 11.

This May, as we celebrate our mothers, let us also renew our hearts’ cry to God on behalf of every mother, sister or daughter who finds themselves trapped in slavery.

“The LORD says, “I was ready to respond, but no one asked for help. I was ready to be found, but no one was looking for me. I said, ‘Here I am, here I am!” (Isaiah 65:1, NLT).

Are we calling on Him to help end this injustice in our communities and in our world?

Are we urgently rushing to the aid of the mothers whose hope of freedom dims daily? Are we rushing to rescue their daughters from the impending darkness threatening to claim them?

There is a hope for them. Will you be a part of their rescue?

*Broken – the result of systematical and brutal torture with the intent to remove ones will to run.


© Sower of Seeds International Ministries 2015 –  All rights reserved.  All written material and photographs belong exclusively to Sower of Seeds International Ministries unless where otherwise noted. To request permission to re-post or use any material found on this website please contact us.

Nepal earthquake: Dozens die in new tremor near Everest – BBC News

May 12th, 2015

“A major earthquake has struck eastern Nepal, near Mount Everest, two weeks after more than 8,000 people died in a devastating quake.

At least 37 people have been killed and more than 1,000 injured, officials say. At least 17 have also died in India.

The latest earthquake hit near the town of Namche Bazaar and sent thousands of panicked residents on to the streets on the capital, Kathmandu.”

via Nepal earthquake: Dozens die in new tremor near Everest – BBC News.

India Slips Down Motherhood Index – India Real Time – WSJ

May 5th, 2015

“It’s getting tougher for mothers in India, according to a global ranking of the best and worst places to be a mom.India scored 140th place out of 179 countries in the charity organization Save the Children’s 2015 report titled “State of the World’s Mothers” putting it behind Zimbabwe, Iraq and Bangladesh.In 2014, India was 137th out of 178 countries in the global mother’s index that measures countries on four indicators of moms’ wellbeing: risk of maternal death; under-five mortality rate; expected number of years of formal schooling; the gross national income per capita and participation of women in government.”

via India Slips Down Motherhood Index – India Real Time – WSJ.

Help us respond in Nepal

April 27th, 2015

On Saturday April 25, 2015, a massive earthquake (7.8 on the Richter Scale) occurred in Nepal, causing widespread casualties and devastation in the capital and surrounding areas.

More than 3,800 people have been confirmed dead and thousands are unaccounted for. Sower of Seeds has received requests from our associated churches in India and Nepal to assist in the relief effort.

Shortly after news of the disaster a team left to help assess needs and coordinate an initial response. SOS will start emergency feeding in Northern Nepal immediately. Please pray with us for the Nepali and Indian churches who are distributing these much needed supplies to people in the disaster area and for the people of Nepal.

THEY NEED OUR HELP: Will you help the church be part of the long-term relief effort in Nepal?  We are accepting donations to help purchase/distribute food, water, fuel, clothing, blankets and other supplies. 

Give to the relief effort

This relief effort is a partnership of S.O.S., LIFE Outreach International and other partners on the ground in Nepal.


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